We are as invested in your Growth and Learning as you are!

Your ongoing professional development is of an utmost importance here. We are committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to stay relevant and agile in today’s rapidly evolving employment landscape. At Astera, no day at work goes without experimentation and opportunities to widen your knowledge base.

Take a Look at How Astera Prepares You for Your Career

Our Learning and Development initiatives are carefully designed to support employees’ growth in their careers throughout their tenure. Astera provides training and counseling through multiple platforms in a broad range of areas.

Instructor-led Training

A combination of in-house and professional industry leaders

Peer Learning

Fostering professional relationships with coaches and mentors


Interactive courses for a personal learning experience

Group Discussion

Building on diverse ideas and knowledge through a collaborative approach

Hands-on Training

Experiential learning to gain an in-depth know-how of our products and processes


Providing a space for members to come together, learn, and grow

Learning Opportunities at Astera

LEAD Academy

Astera LEAD Academy is ready to set you and your team up for success. With the goal to build clear pathways to learning opportunities, collaboration, and engagement, and focusing on our team’s personal and professional development, this one-stop all-inclusive learning and development initiative personalizes your learning experience, and places you in charge of your growth, backing you up all the way.

Tailored Trainings

We have an extensive training program in place to accelerate onboarding for our new talents. During this period, they are trained in multiple functional and non-functional areas. These trainings connect our people to their purpose, facilitating skills development and growth early on in their careers. The goal is to make your journey at Astera full of learning, discovery, self-improvement, and ultimately professional fulfillment.

Curiosity Budget

Identify the trainings and the course you think may help you advance in your career; we will get them for you! With this special budget allocated to learning, we ensure that there are no barriers in your path to professional development so that you have all the resources you need to succeed.

Cross-functional Exposure

There is no barrier to exploring other functional areas here at Astera. Your interests may change over time, and we are more than happy to facilitate these switches, stand by you, and train you in the area of your interest. We acknowledge the importance of job rotation and job enlargement in career growth and utilize these techniques for exposure to other functional areas.

Career Codes – Build the career you love!

At Astera, we believe in developing professionals and making a difference through all that we do. Each member of the team is a leader in himself and an inspiration to all others.

This is what our people think about our Learning and Development

We pay great attention to the planning and execution of our
learning and training programs so our people can get the maximum utility and benefit out of them.

Take a look at the feedback we have received from our employees
on our Learning and Development initiatives.

"Astera fosters the exchange of valuable experiences and encourages a collaborative mindset. The specialized training programs helped me align my personal learning goals with the organization's strategy, empowering me with the knowledge and skills to excel at my job."

"The invaluable interactions with senior leadership and my colleagues have helped me improve my technical skills and knowledge. This led to the achievement of professional goals and exciting team collaborations, where I actively apply my newfound expertise. It's been an amazing journey of growth and fulfillment, and I eagerly look forward to what more we can achieve together!"

"The growth I've experienced, both professionally and personally, has been truly remarkable. The best part of it is the peer learning sessions with an awesome and diverse group of fellows! These sessions constantly challenge me with new perspectives and ideas, keeping me on my toes and serving as the driving force behind my development as a digital PR lead."

"Participating in various trainings through the LEAD Academy, interacting with senior leadership, undertaking experiential learning projects, and engaging in peer learning have led to significant growth in my career and personal life. These experiences have expanded my knowledge, polished my skills, and fostered valuable connections, enabling me to navigate challenges with confidence and excel in my professional journey."

"LEAD Academy has played a crucial role in enhancing my leadership and technical skills. The practical experience of applying the knowledge gained from the training to my job has been immensely valuable. I now feel more confident and empowered to give back to my colleagues by conducting training sessions and sharing what I've learned during my journey at Astera."

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