Beyond Differences

Our workplace is built on celebrating the differences and similarities that make us successful. By bringing together people from different age groups, backgrounds, nations, and cultures, we have created an environment where different perspectives are welcomed. One where you always have the chance to let your unique abilities shine. When you join hands with us, you become part of ONE TEAM at Astera.

A Culture of Inclusion

Astera’s a place for you to be yourself. The success of a team depends upon the diversity of its people in all its forms. We strive to foster an environment marked by equality, diversity, and inclusion, and we take pride in having the right policies in place to ensure representation from diverse groups of people. We recognize that every person here is different and adds their own strength and beauty to our culture.

Creating the Change

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is well-reflected in our culture, policies, and practices. We strive to create the change we want to see in the society at large. There are no barriers in the way of our collaboration, work, and play, and we absolutely love it this way!

Diverse group of employees

At Astera, you benefit from the exposure you get by meeting people from across the globe. That means sharing a plethora of ideas, experiences, perspectives, and insights – all in one place.

Growth and Progression

We thrive on our differences, which is why we take them all the way to the top! Our leadership and managerial teams comprise of people representing various cultures and groups, and we are always excited to see new team members rising the ladder.

Flexible work model

With our flexible work arrangements in place, we are prepared to facilitate our team however and whenever required. Our support would always be extended to accommodate any event, need, and holiday that comes up for you.

Recruitment and Hiring

We are constantly looking to build a team representing different groups of the society we live in. We know that the best fit for us is the talent which is different from what we already have. We encourage people from all walks of life to apply and join our family.

Equal Pay

At Astera, we believe that the only factor that matters are the skills you bring to the table. There is absolutely no disparity when it comes to compensating the efforts of our team. Our compensation packages are purely performance based and every individual here is appreciated for the value they add to the company.

Celebrating Women in Data

Women form a crucial part of our workforce. Astera is a place for the women to thrive and succeed in their careers. We strongly believe that with the right number of resources, autonomy, flexibility, and support, women can enter the technical industry and make their mark, as proven by a number of success stories at Astera.
We make sure to empower our women and facilitate their professional development at every step. With our flexible work model,  paid leaves for important occasions, and professional freedom for growth in careers, we aim to make the work experience better and better every day for our female members.
We take pride in having many passionate women making their way into the world of data and contributing to the success of the company. In fact, many of these women are leading from the front, all set to making their voices heard and driving us forward towards even greater milestones.

Here’s what our Female Leaders have to say

Sanober QA Manager

How did you advance to the position you’re in today?

I started working in this company as a marketing trainee and one experience with QA made me realize that this is what I want to do. The management was kind enough to allow me to work as a QA resource after that and now I am leading the whole team to ensure that the final product is in accordance with company's standards.

Rabeeah Director of Finance & People and Culture

How has Astera supported your journey up the ladder?

With an academic background in accountancy and having audited multiple corporate clients, I knew that the industry is very challenging for women. However, my perception changed completely after joining Astera. I feel empowered and valued here. Astera has facilitated me through every step of my growth and equipped me with unparalleled experience.

Maha Director of Marketing

Do women at Astera have equal career growth opportunities?

During my five years at Astera, the thought of changing jobs has never crossed my mind. The culture here is all about encouraging and supporting career growth, no matter your age, gender, ethnicity, or religion. The "glass ceiling" does not exist at Astera - leadership roles are purely based on merit. Your professional journey here is in your hands. The company actively promotes equality and inclusion, making sure everyone feels like part of the family.

Ayesha Product Manager

What would be your advice for the next generation of women in tech?

From Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, to Margaret Hamilton, a key figure in the Apollo moon landing, the world has witnessed women as pioneers, leaders, and dominators in computing and software. They have shattered stereotypes, showing gender is no barrier to success, even in male-dominated fields. Their legacies inspire, proving talent and determination surpass gender boundaries.

Equal Opportunity for All

Astera Software is an Equal Opportunity Employer and strictly prohibits discrimination of any kind. We are committed to building the best team possible and believe that great ideas can come from anyone. All employment decisions are based on business needs, job requirements, individual potential, and qualifications, without any regard to race, color, age, religion, socioeconomic status, orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability.

It is our aim to provide top-notch employee experience to everyone at Astera. We understand that different needs need to be taken care of to accommodate diversity in its true sense. We want you to know that all your requirements from us are sorted. We are here to provide the maximum support and assistance for you to excel in your careers.

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